Why Seifert

Seifert Systems has over 50 years experience designing and manufacturing products to match the needs of companies requiring enclosure thermal management. With a worldwide customer base in many industries, we have products to handle virtually any application and will customize, if needed, to meet unique requirements.


Our products are in use in packaging, data-com, food and beverage, pulp & paper, automotive, automation, and many other industries. Several product lines have features that customers value that are not found in competitive products.



Air Conditioner Feature Selector Tool

Select one choice from each category from the pull-down menus below to create a custom page of enclosure air conditioners that meet your specific requirements as you define them. If you need recommendations based on enclosure dimensions and temperatures, use CalCoolator.

How to Choose Heat Exchanger Type

When the electronic and other components in your enclosure could operate within their operating temperature ranges in an open air environment, an air to air heat exchanger may suit your application.

When you need to cool the components in your enclosure below ambient temperature, have a water supply available and are seeking an alternative to air conditioners, air to water heat exchangers could meet your applications needs. A typical application is the dissipation of high power losses from control cabinets.

Every application is unique, so check with one of our sales people before ordering, especially if it is not a replacement application.